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Discover the 6 key transitions leaders need to make during any liminal period. 

At KAIROS, we support and develop leaders through the ongoing and ever evolving leadership landscape to unlock their potential and enable them to step into their ‘leadership moment’!


As we learned from the Covid-19 Pandemic, leaders are required to not only navigate their own personal challenges, but also to engage and mobilize their teams to continue performing in an unstable and shrinking market. This is extremely challenging in the transitional or liminal period between the old ways of working and the emerging (and largely unfamiliar) world of tomorrow.

The stakes are high and how well leaders navigate these changes, will be a strong indicator of personal and organisational success and sustainability going forward. 

What are the 6c's of liminal leadership?


Study from anywhere in the world!

- 8 weeks

- Fortnightly Virtual Workshops 

- 1:1 virtual coaching/mentoring 

- Flexible, interactive and dynamic 

Still have questions?

Committing to a training programme can be a big decision. Schedule a conversation with Director of Training, Tracy May (PCC) who will answer all your questions and provide you with further support and information.

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