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Tracy May CEO

Tracy May

CEO & Founder

Welcome to KAIROS!


Kairos represents the latest chapter in Tracy May’s business journey. After a successful 10-year journey in the Middle East as a leadership development and coaching organization, our motivation behind KAIROS is to lead a fresh conversation about leadership and provide offerings that truly meet the needs of clients in today's ever-changing and uncertain organizational landscape.  


Our headquarters for KAIROS is located in the beautiful city of New Plymouth, New Zealand. From there, we continue to proudly serve a diverse range of clients, because we believe in the power of bringing together the global and the local (or as we like to call it, "glocal") perspectives. 

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KAIROS associates are experienced and credentialed professionals who hold a shared passion for good leadership and why it matters in the world of today.  We come from a wide range of professional backgrounds, including finance, legal, engineering, software development, education, psychology and learning and development and from a range of different geographies and cultures including UK, Europe, Middle East and Australasia.   


We share a common passion to offer you the benefit of our ‘lived’ experience in the workplace coupled with our subject matter expertise in leadership and our skill as executive coaches.  We want to work with you to create leadership interventions that are ‘fit for purpose’, impactful and sustainable.  


We believe in the value of fostering deep relationships with our clients, that enable us to align with their mission, vision and ways of working. At the same time, we offer the benefit of an ‘outside- in’ perspective, which enables clients to explore new ways of looking at themselves and their situations and invites new possibilities.  

Our Team


Our global client portfolio includes organisations in the following industry sectors:  

- Aviation 

- Logistics  

- Pharma and Healthcare  

- Oil and Gas Services  

- Architecture  

- Legal  

- Manufacturing   

- Financial Services  

- Professional Services  

- Security  

- Facilities Management  

- Media  

- Energy  

- Public Sector  


Our ethics, practices and conduct are governed by our commitment and accountabilities as credentialled professionals under the auspices of international bodies. In addition, our Associates hold a wealth of leadership qualifications and certifications from a range of institutions. 

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