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Hello and welcome to KAIROS! Our Founder and CEO, Tracy May, is a global leadership expert and executive coach with decades of global experience. After leading a successful consultancy in the Middle East for 15 years, KAIROS was established in New Zealand in 2021. Named after the Greek word for the 'right moment,' KAIROS collaborates with a global network of accredited executive coaches and leadership experts to empower senior leaders worldwide.

At KAIROS, the emphasis is on the understanding that effective leadership requires not only skills but also 'systems intelligence'—the insight to grasp the context and seize the opportune moment to lead.


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Book A FREE CLARITY Call Today

KAIROS exists to enable you to recognize and step into your leadership moment. Book a FREE Clarity Call with Tracy to find out how. 


All KAIROS associates are experienced business practitioners and internationally accredited executive coaches. They come from a wide range of professional backgrounds, including finance, legal, engineering, software development, education, psychology and learning and development and from a range of different geographies and cultures including UK, Europe, Middle East and Australasia.   

We are qualified to administer and interpret a wide range of psychometric assessments and skills and ability tests.  We work under the auspices of the following governing bodies:

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“KAIROS helped us to identify and understand what is really going on and ultimately, what needs to change to effectively adapt our leadership behaviours to organisational strategy."

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